Language Proficiency
Other languages
1) English Fluent Good Basic
2) Chinese (Mandarin) Fluent Good Basic
3) French Fluent Good Basic
4) Japanese Fluent Good Basic
5) Others
If you have taken a recognized English Language Test (only IELTS and TOEFL) within the last two years, please indicate the type of test, date of test and the score in the boxes below. Please attach a copy of the result with this application form.
Please “check” the type of test
Education Background

Employment Background (for MBA applicant only)
List any other work experience (Voluntary, unpaid, etc.) professional qualifications, membership of associations, and achievement, awards or skills that you think may be helpful to your application.
Financial Commitment & Declaration
In signing this document, I hereby declare that the information provided in this application form is true and accurate. I have read and approved of all the terms and conditions pertaining to this application for admission as stated in the school brochure. I agree to comply with all financial commitments and stipulations concerning the acceptance of my application. Furthermore, I will abide by the rules and regulations of SUIC.
I accept Date of Application 25-0909-2017
Parent’s or Guardian’s Name (must indicate for bachelor or undergraduate programme)
Uploading your documents ( * are obligatory items to submit with this application)
Recent Photo (suggested size 436x436 or less than 200 kb in .jpg with English or numeric file name only)*
Photocopy of passport. (non-Thai) or government Identification Card of both the applicant and the parent (for Thai)*
Photocopy of House’s Registration for both applicant and parent
Photocopy of high school level education graduation certification or Diploma*
Resume or CV (for MBA and PhD programme)*
A copy of official English language test score (if any)
A ‘Statement of Purpose’ for MBA and PhD. Programmes*
A research proposal for PhD. programme*
Evidence of Pay-in slip of Application fee of THB 500* for bachelor or undergraduate programmes
Evidence of Pay-in slip of Application fee of THB 1,200* for master, PhD or graduate programmes

Money Transfer
Account Name: Silpakorn University International College
Account Number: 012 - 1 - 26477 - 3
Bank Name: Kasikorn Bank
Branch: Bang Khun Non Branch
Bank Address: 115/15 Bang Khun Non Road, Bang Khun Non, Bangkok Noi, Bangkok, 10700, Thailand
Swift Code: KASI THBK
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