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SUIC Photo Contest
Date: Wednesday 31 May 2017
Location: (Click for map)

SUIC's Photo Contest 2017 


1st  PRIZE 8,000 Bahwith  certificates


The snaps should cover aspects of: Cultural, Tradition, Architecture Socialization and Community


In the occasion of SUIC 15th Anniersary Conference and Exhibition that will be held from October 19-20, 2017, we would like to encourage students to produce creative works and show students' works of art and creativity. Hence, Silpakorn University International College organised a photo contest under the topic "Internationalization," which corresponds to the mission of SUIC as "A Pillar of SU's Internationalization." This contest aims to enhance SUIC's students to participate in an internationalization through the lens. The winning photographs will be displayed at the grand postal office, Bangrak, while, the awards ceremony will be held at the SUIC 15th Anniersary Conference and Exhibition. All images from the contest will be included in the exhibition's catalog for further publicity.

Contest Rules
Applicant qualification:
Student of Silpakorn University International College
Photo features:
1. It is taken with a digital SLR camera (Single Lens Reflect) compact cameras or handheld camera resolution. The image is not less than 5 megapixel.
2. It is an international representation under the following framework:
                        A. Cultural, tradition
                        B. Architecture
                        C. Social and community Socialization and Community

Each contesting Photographer can use photographic techniques freely.
- Digital Photograph (High resolution with at least 5 million pixels.
- No white border, no water mark, and no signature.
- All production techniques are allowed without editing the photo but do not refashion the image.
- Every contester can send only one work. 
Must have a description of the work in English. Contestant application Form click here!
- Send a picture in Digital File Format Tiff, JPG or Raw with High Resolution (not less than 300 dpi) and the image width is not less than 1,280 pixels, save to CD or email 

Send us your photo at

Terms and conditions
1. The submitted photo must be self-performance by contestant. It is forbidden to submit works of others submitted to contest.
2. The submitted photo will belong to the property of Silpakorn University International College and will not return to the contestant.
3. The contestant officially give Silpakorn University International College the permission to publish all works, publications, and other uses under the activities of the college without asking for permission and paying any compensation to the owner of the work.
4. The Contest Board's decision is final. The contestant has no right to appeal.
5. The awards announcement will be held on July 31st, 2017 through the College's website at
6. Award ceremony will be organised at SUIC's Anniversary Conference and Exhibition 2017, required all award winners to participate and receive prizes and honours from the Dean of SUIC on October 19, 2017, at Grand Postal Office Building Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand

Deadline of submission: July 23, 2017

Announcement of the results:  31 July 2016
  Award Winners
Award winning                                   8,000 baht (with honour card)
1st runner                                         5,000 baht (with honour card)
2nd runner up prize                            3,000 baht (with honour card)
Honorable Mention Award 9 prizes          1,000 baht each (with honour card)


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