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The MBA in International Business will help improve your business acumen by developing competencies and techniques for a fast paced career in global business management.
The modern multinational manager not only deals with traditional domestic business functions and values, but also needs to possess the necessary skills for working in an international environment. These skills are often specialist, complex and require a great deal of knowledge to understand different cultures, ethics and politics amongst others, in a challenging but rewarding career in International Business.
The Program is ideal for managers already engaged in activities on an international basis, and also for those business executives who wish to develop professionally and improve promotional prospects. The Program is offered to both Thai and international students and all courses are conducted in English language.
Through thought provoking courses, students are exposed to a professional development approach which will result in gaining further knowledge and managerial competencies. Students are expected to participate actively throughout the program. Faculty consists of industry professionals together with leading academics within Thailand. All courses are conducted in English language.
Lecture based courses are conducted at Silpakorn University International College, Talingchan, Bangkok.
PLAN A (THESIS) *possible to graduate within one and a half year*
  Year 1 Year 2
  • 1 (August)
  • Research Methods in International Business
  • Thesis
  • Thesis
  • 2 (January)
  • Thesis
  • Thesis
  Credits: 18 Credits: 18
PLAN B (INDEPENDENT STUDY) *possible to graduate within one and a half year*
  Year 1 Year 2
  • 1 (August)
  • International Business Management International Financial Management
  • ASEAN Business Cultures
  • Research Methods in International Business
  • Elective Course II
  • Elective Course III
  • 2 (January)
  • International Marketing and Services
  • International Human Resource Management
  • International Strategic Management
  • Elective Course I
  • Independent Study
  Credits: 24 Credits: 12
Core Courses
922 560 International Business Management
Multinational corporation management under rapid change including a study of cultural differences of each country, the political economy of international trade, regional economic cooperation, exchange rate market, global market and international human resource management.
922 561 International Marketing and Services
Marketing concepts and practices in an international environment; analysis of the challenge of international marketing including the impact of dynamic environmental factors, international factors in developing market competitive strategies, marketing mix issues in international markets, service marketing variables in the international market; understand and manage international services; current global issues and competitions.
922 562 International Financial Management
Principles of managerial accounting, budgeting analysis, management of finance in an international business environment concerning trade, investment and the exchange of foreign currency, the implication of foreign exchange rate in financial report and analysis, international accounting standard and financial analysis through international financial reporting system (IFRS), firms’ international financial activities dealing with overseas business partners- customers, suppliers, lenders.
922 563 International Human Resource Management
Set of activities aimed at managing organizational human resources at international level to achieve organizational goals and achieve competitive advantage over competitors at national and international level, typical human resource management functions concerning recruitment, selection, training and development, performance appraisal and dismissal done at international level, global skills management, expatriate management.
922 564 International Strategic Management
Theoretical concepts and frameworks useful for analysing the internal and external business environment and the formulation as well as execution of different types of strategies, managerial decisions process affecting the performance and survival of multinational companies.
922 565 ASEAN Culture Management
History, culture, philosophy and traditions of ASEAN countries, as well as the West and the East, communication, negotiation and study of life styles, types of leadership of important nations, communication methods among countries through language and behaviour.
922 566 Research Methods in International Business Management
Condition: students in plan A-A1 will be assessed by the symbols of S or U. Quantitative and qualitative research methodology for business management, research ethics and software used in research project.
922 591 Independent Study (equivalent to 6 credits)
An independent study on project in International Business under the supervision of an instructor.
922 592 Thesis (equivalent to 36 credits)
Individual research in International Business with emphasis on data gathering, analysis and synthesis into formal conclusion or proposal of original quality under the supervision of advisor.
Elective Courses
922 570 Global Economy
World’s economic system, trade and economic growth, technology, product cycle, multinational corporations, international labor market integration, tariffs, regional economic integration, dumping, and different economic systems in the world.
922 571 Negotiation Strategies
Different frameworks for effective negotiation strategy through case studies and role plays to develop knowledge and skills in negotiation.
922 572 Global Supply Chain Management
Current revolution in business logistics and the alignment of supply chain members for delivering products and services to customers globally, managing the efficient flow of products, global supply chain strategies and coordination, new concept of procurement, multiple-inventory strategy, multi-modal transport and distribution strategies, and managing information to supply chain management network with information technology.
922 573 Seminar in International Business
Current situation in international business management, globalization, and global supply chain, discussing information on specialized topics based on research or the academic literature in international business.
922 574 Risk Management
A variety of theoretical perspectives and managerial practices related to international business, the fundamentals of risk, the evolution of risk management including awareness of the laws, governmental regulation, ethics and corporate governance, market trends and social institutions which impact upon international business activity, discussions on risk management for megaproject, risk management techniques in international business and risk communication.
922 575 Organizational Behaviour
Strategic management of human resources and human behaviour in the workplace related to international business, core topics including workplace motivation, communication, leadership, workplace stress, and organization structuring and design, knowledge management, learning organization, change management and conflict management.
922 576 Import and Export Management
Import and export procedure, customs regulations, National Single Window, import-export documentation, the payment method, the type of letter of credits, cultural issues for import and export of each nation, multimodal transportation planning and facilities design for air, sea and land transportation.

Admissions Fact Sheet

New academic year starts every August.
  1. An applicant must complete a bachelor degree (or equivalent) in International Business or Business Administration major from an academic institute accredited by Ministry of Education, Royal Thai Government (or has been approved by the SUIC Executive Committee/Board of Graduate Studies);
  2. An applicant must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.75 or obtain a minimum of two (2) years working experience in hotel or tourism industry (or has been approved by the SUIC Executive Committee/Board of Graduate Studies).         
Application DOCUMENTS
  1. A completely filled-in and signed application form with a 1-inched photo attached. The application form can be downloaded at or apply online
  2. A copy of former education transcript and diploma: Bachelor Degree.
* ** An applicant who graduated from a university abroad must submit the “Equivalency Certificate” issued by the Ministry of Education, Royal Thai Government
  1. A copy of government identification documents: Passport (for Non-Thai) or Identification Card (for Thai)
  2. A copy of House’s Registration (for Thai)
  3. Four (4) sets of facing-forward and no sunglasses photo in 1-inch size
  4. A “Statement of Purpose” stating the reason to study in the selected program in 1-2 pages of the A-4 size.
!!! OPTIONAL !!!
  1. A copy of an official English language test score not older than two years from the application date is acceptable as follows: TOEFL (PBT = 500 / CBT = 173 / IBT = 61) or IELTS (5.5). Applicants without the required score must take the SUIC English Proficiency Test.
  1. Application fee of THB 1,200. The applicant who applies by postal mail shall attach all required documents and a copy of bank deposit slip or a copy of money order mentioning the applicant’s name with the application form. The application fee can be paid through one of the followings:
  • Paid by cash when applying in person
  • Money Transfer
​Account Name:       Silpakorn University International College
Account Number:    012 - 1 - 26477 - 3
Bank Name:           Kasikorn Bank
Branch:                 Bang Khun Non Branch
Bank Address:        115/15 Bang Khun Non Road, Bang Khun Non, Bangkok Noi,
                          Bangkok, 10700, Thailand
Swift Code:            KASI THBK
Postal Money Order
Pay To:     Director of Silpakorn University International College
Address:   Silpakorn University International College
             22 Borommarachachonani Rd., Taling Chan, Bangkok, 10170
Post Office:Bang Khun Non Post Office

                        Important! Please specify your full name on the transfer order.
Higher education Equivalency CERTIFICATE process
An applicant who graduated a Bachelor Degree from a university abroad must submit the “Equivalency Certificate” issued by the Ministry of Education, Royal Thai Government. This process can be done by the applicant or by the SUIC staff (as the representative).
  1. Equivalent Qualification Application Form (provided by SUIC)
  2. A copy of passport, visa, and immigration-stamp pages (student’s name)
  3. Power of Attorney (provided by SUIC)
  4. Service Charge Fee (THB 1,000, excluding of a bank fee) transfer to SUIC Administrative Office.
In case that the following documents are not in English language, an applicant must have it translated by a government agency or a translator who has been authorized by a government agency.
  1. 2 copies of high-school certificate and transcript: one in native language and one in English.
  2. 2 copies of bachelor degree certificate and transcript: one in native language and one in English.
  3. 2 copies of master degree certificate and transcript: one in native language and one in English.
  4. 2 copies of Certificate of Personal Name/Surname Change (if any): one in native language and one in English.
  5. 2 copies of Certificate of Marriage/Divorce (if any): one in native language and one in English.
1. The documents for the equivalency request can be scanned and sent by postal mail or email.
2. If the certificate is not in English, students need to provide their transcript in the language of their country, certified as official by their school. Moreover, students need to provide the degree and the transcript translated into English, certified by their school or by a certified translator (official stamp).
English Test and Interview
Once the application form and required documents have been received, applicants with the right criteria will be invited to attend an interview, which will be conducted in English by the Program Director or representative. Applicant, who does not achieve the English language scores as required, must take the SUIC English Proficiency test (Please check for specific date). If students are unable to attend the interview, then they need to inform SUIC in writing and request a long distance interview. The interview may be conducted orally on webcam via SKYPE Video calling.  Selected students for the program will then be notified and a list will be displayed on SUIC’s website within one week of interviews.